Standards and Controls

Safeguarding Ethical Research and Advocacy at North Carolina Health Equity Project, Inc.

Science Lab

Data Stewardship and ISMS

We safely drive innovation at the edges by adhering to strict data stewardship and security standards. In addition, senior leaders regularly participate in collaborative spaces to contribute to the discourses on global standards for data stewardship at the intersections of biology, public health, epidemiology, and AI/ML-based research. We restrict access to any potentially sensitive data and have a series of internal controls to protect and preserve the integrity of our innovative processes, data, and benefits for the communities we serve.


EEO Compliance and Transparency

North Carolina Health Equity Project, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In addition to meeting or exceeding requirements, we foster a community of robust diversity, equity, and inclusion, where innovation and discovery truly thrive.


PCI Data Security for Fund Development

North Carolina Health Equity Project, Inc. relies on community support for our research and advocacy efforts. All contributions are processed in a manner that meet PCI standards.