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Celebrating Innovators of Color for Black History Month

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

1 February 2021

A Message from the CEO of NCHEALTHEQ™, Celebrating Black History Month


Innovators and scientists of color have immensely contributed to medical science and public health in the United States. From Daniel Hale Williams, the first successful heart surgeon (1893) to Marian Rogers Croak, Vice President of Engineering at Google (presently), innovators of color continue to lead at the edge of new discoveries, technologies, and platforms.

North Carolina Health Equity Project, Inc. renews its focus on ameliorating health disparities, especially during the month of February, as we remember the sacrifices of countless individuals like Henrietta Lacks, whose immortal "HeLa" cells are used universally in clinical research; and the undocumented number of enslaved Black women subjected to experiments by the "father of modern gynecology", J Marion Sims. We also painfully remember the men of Tuskegee who were coopted into perhaps the most infamous biomedical research study in United States history. This is why NCHEALTHEQ™ exists: We were founded with the guiding principle of improving health outcomes for people of color, who have historically faced poor health outcomes, under the insidious weight of systemic and institutional racism.

We are committed to remembrance, but we are also committed to positive action. For this reason, we continue to provide accurate and reliable information regarding COVID-19, the vaccination, and public health. Despite the challenges of our great Nation's past, we encourage people of all walks to recommit themselves to making the world a more equitable place, where each person has access to quality healthcare and innovative technologies.

As we mark the beginning of Black History Month, I personally invite you to think of ways that you can support the work of North Carolina Health Equity Project, Inc. In the coming days, we will launch our online giving platform. Stay tuned for latest updates, and thank you.


James Burroughs

President and CEO


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